Kurulus Osman Season 3 EPISODE 3 Urdu, Hindi and English Watch and Download

Kurulus Osman Season 3 EPISODE 3 Urdu, Hindi and English Watch and Download

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Complete Watch and download…

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Complete Watch and Download

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Release Date

The Kurulus Osman Season 3 will begin on October 3, 2021. There are many rumors that the new season did not take much time this time. It is true that the risk of a global epidemic has decreased to some extent but it is not over. Therefore, this time too, decisions will be made keeping in view the circumstances And there is no reason to be ahead of time or too early in the season Because there is a complete procedure to be followed.


There will be a selection of cast for the new season Great story, script, historical events will be looked at one by one And everything will take time. In no case can it be less than three months And what’s the point of those who are still saying that a new episode will be released next week. After the season finale Preparations for the new season will be in full swing from next month And slowly the news about the newcomers will start coming out,

What will Establishment Osman do in the next episode? In the great war, Commander Dukas received military support from other Tekfurs, and Osman Bey was also supported by Sultan Mesut. But since the Byzantines are still militarily stronger, according to my analysis, Osman Bey will weaken the Byzantines by raiding and capturing the caravan of weapons brought to them.

Afterwards, Kayı Obası will win a great victory by defeating the Byzantines. When Osman Bey returns to Oba, he will be poisoned by Zoe, but he will receive the news that Malhun Hatun, who was saved by Bala Hatun, has given birth. And the son of Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun, that is, the new heir of the Kayıs will be born.

Osman, son of Ertuğrul, we will establish such a state that the lamb and wolf will be brothers. We will establish a state, it will stand forever. Establishment Osman In the third season, will Osman Bey establish the Ottoman State? And with that, will Bala Hatun give birth to Alaeddin Bey? According to my analysis, in the first episode of the next season, we will watch the scene where Bala Hatun gives birth to Alaeddin Bey, by moving the time forward by an average of 6 months.

Of course, however, as time has moved forward and Osman Bey will have 5 more children apart from Malhun Hatun and Orhan Bey in history , we will get the news that Malhun Hatun is pregnant again in the first episode of the next season. However, according to my analysis, unfortunately, the state will not be established in the next season. We will see the rise of Osman Bey and Kayı Obası, the fall of the Seljuks, Byzantines and Mongols.

God will give us children too, girl. Not one, not three, not five. First of all, may Cerkutay give good children! I hope the light of my eyes, I hope! Establishment Osman, with the time being moved forward by 6 months in the last episode, did Aygül Hatun and Cerkutay get married? Or will the marriage be shown next season?


According to our analysis, the answer to this question that you always ask me in the comments is yes, in other words , the wedding took place in the 6-month time jump in the last episode, and now Cerkutay and Aygül Hatun are married. We understand this from the way Cerkutay spoke to Aygül Hatun in the scene we just watched. Because if they had not married, Cerkutay would not have been able to say to Aygül Hatun, “God will give us sons,” she said.


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